Information System on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments

Improving and maintaining soil fertility for enhancing and sustaining crop production is of world wide importance. Many factors influence the complex chemical, physical and biological processes which govern soil fertility and productivity. Changes in fertility caused by imbalance fertilizer use, acidification, alkalinity, salinity and declining soil organic matter may take several years to appear. These properties can in turn be influenced by external factors such as atmospheric pollution, global climatic changes or land use management practices. Long term experiments provide the best possible means of studying yield sustainability along with changes in soil properties and in identifying emerging trends in nutrient imbalances and deficiencies so as to formulate future studies for maintaining sustainable crop productivity and soil fertility.

Information System on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments is an endeavor in developing a centralized repository of information generated by long-term experiments conducted /in progress under NRM, Crop Sciences and Horticulture Divisions of ICAR. It can provide a common platform for planners and researchers in understanding agro-ecosystem wise the complex interactions involving soil, plants, climate and management practices and their effect on crop productivity and soil fertility. It can also provide an interface for online data entry, updation and information retrieval relating to long term experiments for the respective users.

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