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About Software
This is a web based information system for the data entry, information retrieval and analysis of the data generated from farmers field trials at various NARP Zone levels and the data collected from On-Station trials. This is a password protected software so only the person authorised by the super administrator can add, delete, modify and analyze the data and view the resultaccording to the authentication levels assigned to them. The list of experiments can, however, be viewed by all
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This information system can generate reports by creating user-defined queries on attributes of interest to the user. Statistical analysis that is essential for modern agricultural research can be achieved at the click of mouse. It thus provides an objective basis for evaluating differences in treatments in experiments. Statistical analysis, however, can be complicated if one is not familiar with such analysis procedures. The intent of this system is to provide an easy-to-use on-line data entry procedure, provision of different reports (pre-defined as well as user-defined) along with statistical analysis program for the user. The statistical analysis supports randomized complete block designs and allows the number of treatments and replications to be variable.
Feedback or Suggestions
Suggestions are invited in respect of data items to be stored and reports generated on. It is desired to store only that information which helps in interpretation of results appropriately and be of historical interest to the users of the system. Let us also know what problem you face while entering or analyzing the data or any problem you face while using the software. So that we can take appropriate action to minimize the problem and make the software more useful. You are also free to send your suggestions. It will be of great help to the entire user community
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